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Attend FREE Demo Classes & Enter A Rewarding Career Path Now.

What is this Professional Digital Marketing Certification Course about?

Hello, I am Akshay Borate, the founder of Akaybee Academy directly speaking to you. 

Well, after completion of graduation/degree, most of the people don’t have a clue about what to do next!? It’s very common. But this common thing sometimes can waste your years. It’s about choosing a career which has demand in the market; it’s also about having a skillset which you can sell for money. 

Digital Marketing ticks both of these criterias. 

Almost everything is going digital. From ordering groceries, food items, medicines to buying softwares, learning online! 

Digital Marketing is not the future but present. If you learn this skill properly, you will never have a survival problem ever! 

Considering this, we have created an online LIVE training program where you will learn 5 days a week. You can ask your doubts. You will complete the assignments and ultimately you will get paid internship too! 

This is not just another course. We literally own our digital marketing company i.e. Akaybee Media Studios. We have been doing digital marketing practically with variety of clients. The same knowledge, which we use in our day-to-day worklife, we will impart you.

Course duration : 1.5 months(60 hours).

Course duration :
1.5 months(60 hours).

Fees : 18,000 INR.

Attend FREE Demo Classes & Enter A Rewarding Career Path Now......
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What are you going to learn in this Professional Digital Marketing Certification Course?

  1. What is digital marketing?
  2. Importance of digital marketing
  3. What are the important modules in digital marketing?
  4. Career opportunities in digital marketing
  1. What is core marketing? 4 P’s of Marketing
  2. Why it is important to understand core marketing before digital marketing?
  3. What are core marketing concepts?
  1. Overview of Google Analytics
  2. How to setup google analytics?

1)What is wordpress and why should you use it? Advantages / disadvantages?

2)Understanding domain + hosting + SSL

  • What is WordPress? Difference between WordPress.com and? WordPress.org
  • How to install WordPress? 

3)Free resources to get started with wordpress website

4)Creating landing pages

5)Wordpress dashboard overview

    1. Email Marketing overview
    2. Best Email Practices
    3. A/B Testing
    4. Bulk Emails Concept
    5. Building your email list
    6. Measuring Your Email Campaign Success
    1. What is affiliate marketing?

    2. Different platforms (Indian/International)

    3. How to get approval?

    4. What is CPC AND EPC?

    5. How to start earning?

    6. Choosing right offer to promote

    1. What is social media marketing? Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn organic and paid ads
    2. Facebook ads – Introduction to Ads Manager
    3. Elements of a Facebook AD campaign – AD copy, AD creative, AD video, AD set
    4. How to set up an ad? Campaign objectives and examples of (Lead generation, page likes, conversion ad)
    5. Audience research – Custom Audience, Lookalike audience, saved audience
    6. Remarketing ads – Facebook pixel
    7. Facebook analytics
    8. How to tackle ios14 update?
    9. Instagram ads
    10. LinkedIn ads

1)What is Google ads? Types of Google ads – Search, Video, Display, Shopping etc.

2)Google advertising policies

3)How does auction model works?

4)Bidding strategies 

5)Keyword research – Keyword intent, types of keywords, tools

6)Google ads account structure

7)How to track conversions

8)Creating Search ads –

          -Understanding ads

          -Bidding strategy – Manual and Automatic

          -Ads extensions

9)Creating Display ads

          -Types of display networks

10)Creating YouTube ads

        -What are video ads?

        -Video ads format

        -In stream or Video Discovery ads

        -Bumper ads – 6 second video ads

        -Linking YouTube channel to ads


        -How to create custom audience

        -Remarketing criteria and use cases

  1. What is SEO? Types of SEO – On page and Off page
  2. On page SEO – Ranking factors
  3. Off page SEO types – Guest blogging, Directory submission, Blog commenting, Social signals, backlinks etc.
  4. Search Console Tour
  5. Technical SEO
  1. What is freelancing?
  2. How to find your niche?
  3. How to find clients?
  4. How to do contracts?
  5. How to receive payments?
  6. Things to avoid during Freelancing
  1. What is blogging?

  2. How to set up your own blog?

  3. How to design the whole websit?

  4. How to spy competitor?

  5. Writing the articles in optimized way.

  6. Manual indexing .

  7. Overview of Google News.

  8. Monetizing your website with google adsense
    Native Ads.

  9. How to get guest posts on your website?


Paid Internship

Our purpose is not to sell you a course and make money. We really care for you. We want you to get real skills which can help you to get a job. That’s why, after completion of course, we are offering you one month internship in our digital marketing agency. You will get an opportunity to work on live projects.

You will receive 5,000 INR stipend for your efforts.
Learning + Money, isn’t it a good deal?

Who is this course for?

College going students who want to do freelancing and earn extra income

Candidates who are looking for job change

Graduates who are looking for their first job

Businessmen who can’t afford an agency and want to learn themselves

Who is this course NOT for?

Why should you Attend this demo of Professional Digital Marketing Certification Course?

Agency backed course

We are not someone who watched a few YouTube videos and launched a course. We are a digital marketing company first who have spent over 70 lacs Rupees on ads and got practical experience.

Paid internship

As mentioned above, after completion of course, you will get one month paid internship in our digital marketing company.

Experts’ sessions

Apart from our excellent trainers, we also call experts of particular fields to conduct guest sessions. Their experiences will give you new perspective.


Some serious learning happens here. We give you assignments. You complete that. Our team reviews it and gives your feedback.

Separate doubt clearing sessions

Though sessions are live and you can ask your doubts in the same session. We still keep separate doubt clearing sessions to clear your doubts.

Get Marketing Books For Free

You will receive 3 books on marketing via courier absolutely free... Because we are doing everything possible to make you a perfect digital marketing professional.

Founder’s Story

Akshay Borate

I am a BCA graduate and currently 25 years old. After completing my graduation, I couldn’t get a job. Because I had only theory knowledge which was not enough to land a job. I think I don’t need to comment on our education system.


So I learned digital marketing and got my first internship in FirstCry.com. After completing a 3 months internship, I got a full time job in an advertising agency in Pune. I had no senior to guide me. But my boss was very supportive. So, I used that freedom and learned advanced digital marketing myself.

I had a 10 to 6 job and I used to do freelancing 7- 12. I built contacts, met a lot of experts, worked on various projects without disturbing my job. And after working for 1 year, I quit my job and started my own digital marketing company i.e. Akaybee Media Studios. Initially I was the only person in my company. But within 2 years, today we are a team of 8 people

I live in Satara which is a tier 3 city where there are no job opportunities. But still I am running my company from here. My teammates live in Pune and Mumbai and they are also working from home. Our clients are also from different cities. That’s the power of digital marketing! 

Later I thought, I should help others to get this valuable skill so I started “Akaybee Academy”. I am not a trainer to be honest, but this entire system is managed by me. We have excellent trainers, excellent support system and finally me who monitors all of this!

Founder’s Achievements

It’s important to know whether a particular source is trustworthy or not? I started Akaybee Academy and I am responsible for everything despite having a team. So here’s some achievements just for the trust factor.

Here are some of my photos with my teammates

What Students Say About Akaybee Academy ?

Get Certified

Once you complete all the videos and assignments, you will get a certificate. Akaybee Academy and Akaybee Media Studios, both the companies are government registered!

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Refund Policy

We are so confident about our program that we are ready to give 100% refund to you if you feel unsatisfied after doing this course. However the only requirement is you should complete all the assignments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we understand that only a recorded course can’t make you a complete digital marketer. Therefore, we also offer live doubt clearing sessions only if you complete all the videos.

More than content, you pay for “structured content at one place”. Also, when you’re a beginner, you assume whatever there is on YouTube is 100% correct. This sometimes results in wrong learning. At Akaybee Academy, our content is tailor-made, verified and we take responsibility!

Not sure. This course is for people who are beginners and want to start their digital marketing journey.

We are so confident about our program that we are ready to give 100% refund to you if you feel unsatisfied after doing this course. However the only requirement is you should complete all the assignments.

Still have doubt???