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What is this “ Digital Marketing Superstar Course” about?

Hey, I am Akshay Borate, the founder of Akaybee Academy talking to you. It’s pretty simple. This digital marketing course is a recorded version of our “ Advanced Digital Marketing LIVE course”. What’s the difference? In Live course, we conduct live sessions on Zoom where students can interact with trainer as well as other students. That Live training course costs 20,000 INR.

However, I came across two types of people.

That’s when I thought of launching a recorded course which will solve these 2 problems. So, our team bundled the recordings of a live course and made a new course out of it. If you think we are doing it only for money, then no. We are still taking live batches and this “ Digital Marketing Superstar Course” is only for convenience. We genuinely believe in our content quality!

Get an early bird discount and enroll. Soon, the price is gonna be 2,999 INR.

What are you going to learn in Digital Marketing Superstar Course?

Topic 1 – Digital Marketing Introduction

Topic 2 – Digital Marketing As a Career

Topic 3 – Facebook Ads- Marketing Funnel

Topic 4 – Brand Awareness Campaign

Topic 5 – Audience Research

Topic 6 – Event Manager in Facebook

Topic 7 – Future of Facebook Ads

Topic 8 – Creating Custom Audience

Topic 9 – Lead Generation Campaign

Topic 10 – Facebook Analytics

Topic 1 – Website Jargons

Topic 2 – Getting Started with WordPress

Topic 3 – Blogging Tools

Topic 1 – What is SEO?

Topic 2 – Writing SEO Friendly Blogs

Topic 3 – On Page SEO

Topic 4 – Keyword Research

Topic 5 – Tools For Keyword Research

Topic 6 – Off page SEO

Topic 7 – Mobile Responsiveness

Topic 8 – Local SEO

Topic 9 – Youtube SEO

Topic 1 – Types of Google ads

Topic 2 – Creating Search Ads

Topic 3 – Creating Display Ads

Topic 4 – Bidding Strategy

Topic 5 – Remarketing

Topic 6 – Creating ads for applications

Topic 7 – Marketing on YouTube

Topic 8 – Creating Shopping Ads

Topic 1 – What is Email Marketing

Topic 2 – Mailchimp Tutorial

Topic 3 – Writing Marketing Emails

Topic 4 – Landing page creation

Topic 1 – What is Google Analytics

Topic 2 – Parameters in Google Analytics

Topic 3 – Site Behaviour Analytics

Topic 4 – E-commerce Analytics

Who is this course for?

College going students who want to do freelancing and earn extra income

Graduates who are looking for their first job

Candidates who are looking for job change

Businessmen who can’t afford an agency and want to learn themselves

Who is this course NOT for?

People who are looking for get-rich-quick scheme

Digital Marketers who are looking for advanced knowledge

Why should you learn Digital Marketing?

Do you know Mr. Hanmantrao Gaikwad, the founder of BVG group; the company worth 2,000 Crs. INR? Once he was asked a question i.e. Which advice you will give to our youth? He summarized – “ Get a skill”. 

He is absolutely right. People say there are no jobs in the market. But it’s a totally wrong perception. There are jobs but only for skilled people. Skills pay the bills. 

Digital marketing is such a money making skill. Let me tell you my story.

Why should you enroll into a Digital Marketing Superstar Course?

Agency backed course

We are not someone who watched a few YouTube videos and launched a course. We are a digital marketing company first who have spent over 70 lacs Rupees on ads and got practical experience.

Internship opportunity

Even if this is a recorded course but if you watched all the videos and completed all assignments. You will get a chance to do an internship in our company.

Money making skill

No matter what your educational background is, if you learn digital marketing well, you can get a job easily or you can also do freelancing or agency business.

Be a part of our community

Learning alone requires discipline so it might be tiresome and you can quit it. But don’t worry, you are not alone. We have a community of 1850+ members so you can interact with them.

Live doubt clearing sessions

This is a recorded course and we understand that you will have doubts which only face-to-face interaction can solve. So with this course, you will also get live doubt clearing sessions.

Self-paced course

As this is a recorded course, you can watch it anytime according to your convenience.

Founder’s Story

Akshay Borate

I am a BCA graduate and currently 25 years old. After completing my graduation, I couldn’t get a job. Because I had only theory knowledge which was not enough to land a job. I think I don’t need to comment on our education system.

So I learned digital marketing and got my first internship in FirstCry.com. After completing a 3 months internship, I got a full time job in an advertising agency in Pune. I had no senior to guide me. But my boss was very supportive. So, I used that freedom and learned advanced digital marketing myself.

I had a 10 to 6 job and I used to do freelancing 7- 12. I built contacts, met a lot of experts, worked on various projects without disturbing my job. And after working for 1 year, I quit my job and started my own digital marketing company i.e. Akaybee Media Studios. Initially I was the only person in my company. But within 2 years, today we are a team of 8 people. 

I live in Satara which is a tier 3 city where there are no job opportunities. But still I am running my company from here. My teammates live in Pune and Mumbai and they are also working from home. Our clients are also from different cities. That’s the power of digital marketing! 

Later I thought, I should help others to get this valuable skill so I started “ Akaybee Academy”. I am not a trainer to be honest, but this entire system is managed by me. We have excellent trainers, excellent support system and finally me who monitors all of this!

Founder’s Achievements

It’s important to know whether a particular source is trustworthy or not? I started Akaybee Academy and I am responsible for everything despite having a team. So here’s some achievements just for the trust factor.

I started a digital marketing company when I was just 22 years old. I had never taken any loan or investment for business. Also, not even a single rupee from my family. I am the only earning source of my family.

I am a published author and have written a book called “ Go Social - A Beginner’s Guide For Social Media Success”. Here’s the link -

I got interviewed thrice. You can search “ Akshay Borate” on Google and read the articles.

I run a marketing community on Facebook called “ Marketingwaale” which has over 1850+ members.

Here are some of my photos with my teammates

What Students Say About Akaybee Academy ?

Get Certified

Once you complete all the videos and assignments, you will get a certificate. Akaybee Academy and Akaybee Media Studios, both the companies are government registered!

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Frequently Asked Questions

More than content, you pay for “structured content at one place”. Also, when you’re a beginner, you assume whatever there is on YouTube is 100% correct. This sometimes results in wrong learning. At Akaybee Academy, our content is tailor-made, verified and we take responsibility!

Not sure. This course is for people who are beginners and want to start their digital marketing journey.

Not at the moment.