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What You Will Get In This Program?

How are we different from other plenty of digital marketing courses?

This is a valid question. You see a lot of ads for digital marketing courses and with that, it becomes super difficult to choose the best one. Don’t worry, we will make your job easier, just keep reading.

Why do you want to do a course?

Only for knowledge? Or you want to use this knowledge to start your career and make money? 

We at Akaybee Academy, not only teach digital marketing but we make sure you get practical job oriented training. You don’t need to learn 28, 32, 50 and whatnot digital marketing modules. We have crafted our syllabus in such a way that you’ll get only filtered knowledge which is required for the job.

What Makes us an Expert

We are Digital Marketing Company first, later Institute

Akaybee Academy is backed by Akaybee Media Studios, a humanized digital marketing agency.

After working with 20+ clients in the last year, we know what works and what does not in the real world. We have taken many interviews of freshers and came to the conclusion that their knowledge is half baked and not suitable for the work. Hence, we designed the program in accordance with job requirements.

Say by to generalized digital marketing courses and welcome to Job Oriented Advanced Digital Marketing Program.

We Solve Real Problems

what you will learn from us.


On Page SEO , Backlinking basics, GMB Local SEO

Facebook Ads

LinkedIn Organic growth and Ads dashboard intro ,WhatsApp Marketing

Google Ads

Comprehensive in-depth knowledge of Google Ads

Landing Page

AMP, Storytelling, Funnel for improved conversion

Email marketing

Email Marketing for nurturing your future prospects for Steady growth


To understand user psychology and making them read and buy our products

Blog Setup

Put your Ideas in-front of the world to build your own brand

Funnel Creation

Know who is your buyer and prioritize your leads

Soft Skill Training

Become job ready with our resume building and interview Preparation training

Founder’s background

Founder's Background

Akshay Borate, 24,the founder of Akaybee Academy has been running a digital marketing agency successfully since last two years. He started learning digital marketing in 2018, did an internship, job and later founded a company. Besides this, once he ran India’s first Marathi language Digital Marketing Podcast, called “ The Marathi Podcast”.

He is also a published author and written a book called – “Go Social – A Beginner’s Guide For Social Media Success.”

Also, Akshay got interviewed thrice, here’s one of the interviews where he has shared his insights. Click here.

Apart from this, he also runs a community for marketers, “ Marketingwaale” which has more than 1850+ members.

The reason we are telling you all this is your future is in safe hands. You are not buying a course from someone who himself/herself doesn’t have any knowledge and just wants to make money.

What Students Say About Akaybee Academy ?

We are Confident

100% Money Guarantee If You Feel Unsatisfied After Program

We are not here to loot you. All we care about is your growth. You grow, we will grow. To earn your trust we are even ready to return your 100% fees if you don’t like the program, but it won’t happen, we bet!

Not everyone wants it

This Program is not for everyone

As we mentioned above, this is not a regular digital marketing course, therefore we want only serious people. Keeping this in mind, we have designed a test to filter out non serious people. We are promising you top notch training, you promise us dedication!

Time Never Stops for Anyone

Clock is ticking


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Only you can.