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Not the first, biggest, best, rather a normal training institute which makes sure you get job-oriented, quality education!

About Us

There are already so many training institutes. Many are the best, #1, pioneer, India’s first, and whatnot. Sadly we are none of these. So if you are looking for the institute with any of those adjectives, you are on the wrong website. But if you want to get trained from an institute which provides practical, skill-oriented training, then welcome to Akaybee Academy.

Akaybee Academy is an institute later, a dream first. A dream which its founder Akshay Borate saw when he completed his college education. He realized that a college education wasn’t sufficient to get a job in the market.

Akaybee Academy Mission

“ Your Career Success is what we strive for”

India- our beautiful country with a 1.4 billion population. In ancient times, the Indian education system was the world’s biggest and the best than any other country. But, unfortunately, with time it starts falling back. We lost our biggest treasure i.e. Our Education System.

In 2021, our education system is not able to produce brilliant employees and employers. Of course, we are one of the fastest-growing economies. But still, our students need an education that will help them build a future-proof career. Especially in today’s world full of distractions.

In the 21st century, our students need quality education to challenge developed nations.We need practical education that will help our students to get high pay scale jobs.

To provide Indian Students, Practical, Result-oriented, and Quality Education we founded Akaybee Academy. 

At Akaybee Academy, your future is in the safe hands; because we help and guide our students till they get end results.

Our Team and Expert trainers will work hard to help you to build your successful career.

Welcome to the world of Quality Education.

Do you want to build a rewarding career?

Why to Choose Akaybee Academy ?

Placement Assistance

Without a good payscale job your skills are of no use. Akaybee Academy has partnerships with reputed companies and enterprises all over the country.So,if you give efforts from your side, we will take care of your placement.

Practical Learnings

We don’t teach theoretical knowledge only but also we focus on clearing the conceptual part. In the 21st century it’s important to be creative and logical. We take care of this with our practical sessions.

LIVE Q & A Sessions

Each of our courses comes with multiple Question and Answer Sessions. You can ask all your doubts in these sessions and our expert will help you with the right solution to your problems. So, watch all the lessons at your own comfort, practice it with the help of our assignments and clear your doubts in the Live Q & A session.

Guest Sessions

It’s important for students to get insights from experts who are better than anyone in their industry. That’s why on every course, we provide timely guest sessions. These experts work with big companies, so their experience teaches you a lot.

Industry Expert Trainers

We don’t choose any trainer randomly. After a couple of interview rounds, we select a handful of trainers.Our trainers have years of experience.Apart from teaching,  they work with big organisations.Their experience helps you a lot in live training.

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Experienced Team

Our founder and Management team are big promoters of quality education.Our entire team has worked with 50+ businesses. We know very well what it takes to build a rewarding career. Our mission of “Quality Education for India” will definitely help you.

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Result Oriented Approach

We learn new things to get remarkable results. Be it acquiring a new skill or getting a certification for your career growth. In the end, the result matters! We make sure after completing any course our every student gets desired results.

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Soft Skills Training

With any course you enroll in, you are eligible for our Soft Skills Training. No matter how skilled you are, we can’t undermine the importance of soft skills. We are offering it complimentary on each course.

100% Money Back Guarantee

After completion of any course, if you feel it wasn’t worth it, you can claim a “ 100% Money-Back Guarantee”. When someone offers such a guarantee publicly, you can understand how confident they are in their work!

Our Courses

Professional Digital Marketing Certification Course

IELTS Training Program (Coming Soon)

Data Science Training Program (Coming Soon)

What Students Say About Akaybee Academy ?


Why They Love Us

“Massa amet, at dolor tellus pellentesque aenean in eget massa tincidunt habitasse volutpat adipiscing sed id sit auctor eu vivamus nulla.”
Emma Hart
“Malesuada eu mattis fermentum etiam arcu risus lacus velit neque mi integer tincidunt sociis enim gravida in pellentesque cursus sed.”
Dianna Johnson

Frequently Asked questions

Our result-oriented approach makes us different from any institute. If you are hungry for success and ready to put in the effort, we will help you to get remarkable results.

No. Offline training has geographical limitations and we want to reach out as many as people possible from India. Therefore, currently we are providing online courses only.

Yes we do. Akaybee Academy is a government authorized company!

 After completion of your course, we provide 1 month of internship in our company and after that you get job assistance too.

Please contact 8329371184.

Our trainers have years of experience.Apart from that, they have real-world experience with reputed companies.